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VME64 extensions digital I/O system component    Full EMC shielding and insertion/extraction handles    Fully Hot-Swap capable with auto power-up and host interaction    6U VME base card handles 64 signals plus strobes and can operate as input, output or mixed function, depending on transition board  Input unit features change-of-state and contact de-bounce   Memory Driven digital outputs    Two IP sites for extra functionality    3.3 Volts connected to P2 (Not Hot Swap)The 8001 is a 6U (double height) VME board which handles 64 digital signals.  The module can be configured using rear mounted transition cards (auto detectable) to work as either 64 digital inputs, 64 digital outputs or 32 digital inputs and outputs.  The module features change-of-state detection and contact debounce.  A memory is fitted to allow tracing of changes through time for sequence detection and analysis.

The unit is constructed to the VME64x standard, with EMC front panel, injector/ejector handles, guide pin and slot keying, static discharge protection, hot swap capability, geographical addressing, 5-row P1 and P2 connectors and 5-row P0 connector.

The 64 TTL signals plus 8 strobes then connect to the main board according to the VME64x Greenspring pin-out for IP module carriers (to maintain compatibility).  The input states are latched and examined at a programmable rate up to 1MHz and stored in a RAM 64k deep per input.  The input states are debounced at a programmable rate (including OFF) and changes detected. The processor is then interrupted if a change has occurred.


Additional Features


The function of the eight input/output strobes is programmable, including their use as a sample clock.  There are two TTL inputs on the front panel for similar functions including history acquisition stop/start.  A micro-switch in one of the handles detects insertion/removal and a hot-swap controller powers the unit smoothly up and down without disturbing the rest of the system.  Host interaction during insertion/removal is in accordance with the VME64x specification.  There are two IP sites on the board addressable on an individual basis which replace part of the input path (i.e. they take over 32 input lines). Addressing and handling of these IP sites is programmable through base control and status registers, including address offsets and interrupt mapping. The unit supports addressing in A16/D32/D16/D08(EO), A24/D32/D16/D08(EO) and A32/D32/D16/D08(EO) modes as well as BLT32.  The registers and 'history' memory can be read at any time but BLT32 is inhibited while sampling into memory is active.


Product Specifications

Power Requirements
+5V     @  IP dependent up to 3amps
+12V @  IP dependent up to 2 amps
-12V     @  IP dependent up to 2 amps

Operating Temperature Range:  0 to +45 deg Celsius ambient
Mechanical:  6U single width VME module with access to 5 row P0,  P1 and P2 connectors
Front Panel Indicators:
VME - LED (green) illuminates for a minimum of 100msecs whenever the module is accessed via the VME bus
Not Configured - LED (blue) indicates the status of the VME module (ON = Not configured)
'EXT CLOCK' - LED (yellow) illuminated when the front panel external clock is enabled (This is not illuminated when external clock is derived from the transition card via STROBE IN 1)
IP ACK A/B - LED (red) illuminated by IP card on Data Acknowledge


Signal Specifications
Clocks in the input data at 1MHz maximum         
Front Panel  Connector type: LEMO 0302  Signal: Single-ended TTL
Transition Card  Clock in via Strobe IN 1

Suspends history memory update (active low)
Front Panel  Connector type:  LEMO 0302  Signal:  Single-ended TTL
The front panel Inhibit can also be connected to the IP A and B Strobe lines by jumper connection
Transition Card  Strobe IN 2, Strobe IN 3 and Strobe IN 4

Digital Inputs/Outputs 0-63
Connector type: P0 and P2 5 row VME connectors
Signal: Single-ended TTL

Ordering Information
Cat No:8001  Name: VICB8001  Description: Digital I/O (IP Carrier Board)

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