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VICB 8002 Industry-Pack Carrier Board

  • VME64 extensions / Industry Pack Carrier Board
  • Full EMC shielding and insertion/extraction handles
  • Fully Hot-Swap capable with auto power-up and host interaction
  • 6U VME base card handles up to 200 signals through the transition card.
  • Choice of rear transition boards provides isolated or straight-through connections.
  • Four Industry Pack (IP) sites for extra functionality
  • Software Drivers are available including EPICS drivers.
  • 3.3V and 5V supply to P2 connector.
  • Some I/O lines allow external power feed to Industry Packs.

Product Description

The VICB 8002 is a 6U (double height) VME board, which provides four Industry-Pack sites. The module can be configured using rear mounted transition cards to work with combinations of digital and analogue inputs and outputs. The module features hot-swap capability with auto power up and host interaction. An on-board FPGA allows full mapping of the IP board memory and I/O spaces.


The unit is constructed to the VME64x standard, with EMC front panel, injector/ejector handles, guide pin and slot keying, static discharge protection, hot swap capability, geographical addressing, 5-row P1 and P2 connectors and 5-row P0 connector.

Signal Path

A rear-mounted transition card with four high-density 50-way [SCSI2] connectors accepts all I/O signals and provides any necessary signal conditioning. The signals connect to the main board according to the VME64x Greenspring pinout for IP module carriers .

Additional Features etc.

There is a TTL input on the front panel to control acquisition stop/start. A microswitch in one of the handles detects insertion/removal and a hot-swap controller powers the unit smoothly up and down without disturbing the rest of the system. Host interaction during insertion/removal is in accordance with the VME64x specification. There are four IP sites on the board addressable on an individual basis . Addressing and handling of these IP sites is programmable through base control and status registers, including address offsets and interrupt mapping. The unit supports addressing in A16/D32/D16/D08(E0), A24/D32/D16/D08(EO) and A32/D32/D16/D08(EO) modes 16 OR 32BIT access for both I/O and memory to double-size IP cards. The registers and memory can be read at any time where I-P packs support arbitration.


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