TC 8304

VTB 8304 Straight-Through



Product Description

The Newwood SolutionsVTB 8304 is a 6U (double height) VME rear I/O transition board, which provides connection to the 8802/8002/8005 Carrier Boards and routes all signals to/from the I/O connectors of the four IP sites. The front panel of the VTB8304 transition card has four high-density 50-way [SCSI2] connectors allowing it to connect to the Newwood Solutions range of Terminal Blocks. The signals connect to the main carrier board according to the VME64x Greenspring pin-out for IP module carriers.

• 4 groups of 50 I/Os
• 4 SCSI connectors 1-4 routed to 8802/8002/8005
• Plant side (SCSI connectors) may be isolated from VME if opto coupler SCBs are used.
• Ground discharge limited on insertion.


Mechanical: Standard 6U high VME64X transition board
Operating temp: 0 to 45 deg C ambient
Number of channels: 200 line connection possible.
Connectors: 4 SCSI 50-way sockets mounted on the rear panel.
160 way DIN mates with P2 pins.
5x19 way 2mm socket mates with P0.


Product Summary

User Manual This link is for the latest version of the TC 8304 Manual.