VME 64x 4-Site IndustryPack®

Carrier Card



The Newwood Solutions VCB8802 replaces the Hytec 8002 and 8004 but keeps the same register set and can be configured to be seen as either an 8002 or an 8004. This allows the 8802 unit to be a direct plug in replacement for these two units.
The VCB8802 is a 6U VMEbus carrier for up to 4 IndustryPack (IP) modules used to build modular, flexible and cost effective I/O solutions for industrial and research environments. The VCB 8802 is constructed to the VME64x standard, with EMC front panel, injector/ejector handles, guide pin and slot keying, Hot-Swap ability, static discharge protection, blue power up LED, geographical or jumper selected addressing, 5-row P1 and P2 connectors and 5-row P0 connector. The VME64x-compliant connectors allowing all of the 200 I/O lines from the 4 IP slots to be available at the VME64x connectors P0 and P2. The I/O mapping is compliant to the ANSI/VITA 4.1-1996 standard.
All power lines are fuse protected with the IP power lines being protected by self-healing fuses. The carrier board supports 8MHz and 32MHz IP interfaces clock rates which can be software selectable for each IP slot. Four front panel mounted LED’s flash to visually confirm completed IP access cycles to individual slots. The VCB8802 has the capability to multiple-address the memory of IP sites and read/write data to them simultaneously using a data width of 32 BLT A32:D32 data transfers cycles. One of VMEbus interrupt lines IRQ1 to IRQ7 can be selected and enabled by writing to an on-board register. The Industry Pack interrupt lines IntReq0* and IntReq1* from each of the four sites can be enabled on an individual basis and mapped to the selected VME IRQ line. The VCB8802 has a Lemo TTL input on the front panel that allows connection to any or all of the IP card Strobe* lines via a jumpers for each IP slot. This allows allow overall control to be applied to IP boards in data acquisition systems. The VCB8802 also has a Lemo TTL output can be connected to the TTL input of another unit through a jumper to synchronise timing between carrier boards. The carrier board has some thickened I/O tracks to allow the IP boards to be powered externally to give full isolation. Newwoods has a number of rear-mounted transition cards with high-density 50-way [SCSI2] connectors, which can cater for all 200 IP I/O signals and provide any necessary signal conditioning.

Key Features

• VME64x rear panel I/O
• Base Address decoding by either Geographical addressing or jumper selectable.
• IP memory space accesses software configurable from 1Mbyte to 8Mbytes.
• BLT or Single D32 operation for simultaneous memory data access to two IP sites
• BLT or Single D16 operation for memory data access to one IP site.
• IP module Clock speeds can be individually selected to be 8MHz or 32MHz by software.
• Full EMC shielding and insertion/extraction handles.
• Fully Hot-Swap capable with auto power-up and host interaction.
• User selectable VME interrupt level via software programmable registers.
• Up to two interrupt requests are supported for each IP module.
• Interrupt release mechanism RORA or ROAK software selectable.
• Front panel Lemo TTL Input and output signals allow control of IP timing synchronisation.
• Thickened I/O lines to allow externally power supply to IPs.
• VME64x guide pin and slot keying.
• 3.3V and 5V supply to P2 connector.
• Self-resetting PTC fuses on all the IP power supplies.



Product Summary

User Manual This link is for the latest version of the VCB8802 Manual.