The Industry Pack, also known as an IP Module or IPack, is a versatile electronic module that provides a convenient level of modularity for implementing a wide range of I/O, control, interface, analog and digital functions.
They are very compact, 1.8 inches by 3.9 inches in size and include an ID PROM which aids auto-configuration. The IP modules reside on carriers and provide cost effective I/O solutions due to their small construction and form-factor features.
There is a broad range of products from Newwood Solutions and from a wide selection of suppliers all over the world. Software support is available for Newwood Solutions cards for Linux, Windows, Rtems, VxWorks, Vsystem and EPICS.
Newwood Solutions offers an attractive and wide range of IP modules for industrial process control, scientific research, and COTS applications. We supply off-the-shelf software drivers and support for all major operating systems. In addition, we provide engineering kits with detailed manuals, schematics and data sheets for each IP module. To help facilitate system integration, we also offer transition modules, cable kits and cable adapters.

Select from our wide range of Newwood Solutions products for high-speed and high-resolution A/D, D/A, digital I/O, motion control, FPGA and serial communication functions. Note that nearly all Newwood Solutions modules are galvanically isolated to protect your system.

Software support for major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Asyn, VxWorks, Rtems, Vsystem and EPICS is available.

All Newwood Solutions products feature a 2-year warranty.

If you wish to inquire about custom IndustryPack designs, please contact Newwood Solutions directly at our offices in the UK.

Newwood Solutions works closely with our customers to deliver accelerated time to market, long-term product availability and comprehensive product lifecycle management from the design stage through manufacturing, testing and beyond to post-sales support.