Terminal Boards


Terminal Boards offer a simple solution to the problem of connecting plant wiring to Newwood Solutions VME64x Transition Boards the 9010 IOC, 8800 IOC and 6335PCIe IOC.

The Terminal Boards are designed to mount on standard DIN EN 50035 or OMEGA-DIN 50022-50045

DIN rail at the rear of rack. Plant wiring is terminated neatly at the Terminal Boards and low cost, high density SCSI-2 twisted pair cables connect to the Transition Boards or IOC9010 or IOC8800 or 6335PCIe IOC.





Klippon 50way screw terminals

This allows for plant wiring to be terminated neatly in rack with simple 50 way low cost, high density SCSI-2 twisted pair cables going to the transition boards mounted at the back of the VME64x crates.


Klippon 50way screw terminals

As above but with Varistors clamping each line to 30V to provide transient voltage protection.


Klippon 50way screw terminals

As above but for digital signals, incorporates bidirectional LEDs on all active lines normally off, indicating green (ON), red (ERROR) reversed.


Klippon 50way screw terminals

As above but with constant current diode connected to an external voltage source for each active line. Used in conjunction with transition board to provide protection against cable shorts and minimise risk of damage.


20 x single pole Lemo (00250) sockets

For use with analogue I/O or digital I/O IP cards

The I/O lines can be terminated at 50 or 100 ohms to Ground, +3.3Volts or +5 Volts.


8 x 9way Cannon D-type with female screw posts

Connection to the IP 8515 (8 channel RS-232) and 8516 (8 Channel RS-485) serial I/O cards via a straight-through transition board type 8304. Supports one serial IP card. (Four units can be used for four serial IP cards mounted on one 8002 Carrier Board.) Each 9-way socket carries TX/Rx/ RTS/CTS/GND connections. Common mode bias resistors for differential inputs CTS lines brought to circuit pads. +12V brought to 8 off circuit pads via optional pull-up resistor. Transient voltage protection.


4 x 15way and

1 x 25way Cannon D-type

Connecting an 8602 Stepper Motor Controller Industry Pack or an 8613 Quadrature Encoder input Industry Pack to an external system.


Screw Terminals

Klippon based 4 axis stepper motor drive module used with 8602/1 IP module. For use with 5, 6 or 8-lead hybrid stepper motors. On board logic is used to control the phase excitation of each motor under the control of STEP and DIRECTION signals from the 8602. Additionally, the AUX1 output of the 8602 on each channel can be used to control the power ON/OFF function of each drive channel. A green status indicator LED shows the active status of the card.


Screw Terminals

Connect a number of 4-20mA input instruments to a DAC 8702/8402 via a transition board. A circuit using an operational amplifier, an output transistor and a precision resistor is used to convert the voltage output from the DAC to a current.


Plug-in card for Transition bards

DC:DC Converter 5V to +/-12V 125mA Adaptor for use with Carrier Boards


18 x BNC sockets

For use with analogue I/O or digital I/O IP cards. Transient voltage suppressor and terminating resistor can be fitted across each channel.