VME64x Rear I/O Transition Boards

Newwood Solution’s range of VME64x rear-mounted I/O Transition Boards provide the plant connection to IP Carrier Boards. They also optionally provide signal conditioning such as analogue filtering and analogue / digital optical isolation. They are 6U (double height) units constructed to the VME64x standard, with an EMC rear panel, injector/ejector handles, guide pin and slot keying, static discharge protection and hot swap capability. They route all I/O signals via panel mounted high density 50-way SCSI-2 or Lemo sockets depending on the module, to the Carrier Board via the J0 and J2 connectors of the VME backplane. Some boards include sites with the option of fitting R-C low-pass filters which can be selected by jumpers to be in or out of circuit. Additionally, optional plug- in 5V to +/-12V DC-DC converters (8912) can also be fitted to some boards to facilitate powering the plant side of isolated analogue circuits on IP boards which are mounted on the carrier board. The signals connect to the Carrier Board according to the VME64x pin-out for IP module carriers. The 8307 and 8308 mixed signal transition boards have plug in sites for our 9000 series plug in signal conditioning and digital isolation cards. This allows greater flexibility to mix and match IP functions on a 4 site carrier saving VME slots and VME crate real estate.

All Newwood Solutions products feature a 2-year warranty.

Newwood Solutions works closely with our customers to deliver accelerated time to market, long-term product availability and comprehensive product lifecycle management from the design stage through manufacturing, testing and beyond to post-sales support.